10ft LFH DB60 Male to DB60 Male CROSSOVER DTE DCE Cable for Cisco (CAB HD60MMX 10) black

10ft LFH DB60 Male to DB60 Male CROSSOVER DTE-DCE Cable for Cisco (CAB-HD60MMX-10) - Black

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The LFH DB60 Male to DB60 Male crossover DTE-DCE cable (CAB-HD60MMX-10) is specifically designed for use with Cisco devices. It allows for a direct connection between two data terminal equipment (DTE) or data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) devices. This cable features a DB60 connector on both ends, making it easy to establish a reliable and secure connection. Its crossover functionality enables seamless communication between DTE and DCE devices, making it ideal for network setups that require this type of connection. With its high-quality construction and compatibility with Cisco devices, this cable ensures efficient data transmission without compromising signal integrity.



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