10ft Serial Null Modem Cable DB9 Female DB9 Female beige

10ft Serial Null Modem Cable DB9 Female DB9 Female - Beige

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The Serial Null Modem Cable DB9 Female DB9 Female is a high-quality data transfer cable specifically designed for connecting two devices with a DB9 female port. It eliminates the need for a modem by emulating a direct connection between two serial devices. With its reliable performance, this cable provides seamless data transmission for various applications, such as data transfer between computers, accessing and programming devices remotely, or even configuring networking equipment. Its patented null modem technology and DB9 female connectors ensure a secure and efficient connection, making it an ideal choice for professional users in need of reliable serial communication.

Connector A - DB9 Female

Connector B - DB9 Female



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  • This DB9 female to female null modem cable allows you to connect two DTE devices together without the use of a DCE device in between.
  • It's an easy way to transfer data from one PC to another PC directly through DB9 serial port.
  • Null-modem cable is also known as a crossover cable.
  • All relevant materials are complied with RoHS directive.


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28 AWG. x 7C + Drain Wire

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Beige Color


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