1ft Power Supply Extension ATX 24 Pin Motherboard multi

1ft Power Supply Extension ATX 24 Pin Motherboard - Multi

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The Power Supply Extension ATX 24 Pin Motherboard is a crucial component for computer enthusiasts and builders. This extension cable allows you to conveniently connect your power supply to the motherboard, providing a stable and reliable electrical connection. Its purpose is to ensure smooth power delivery, eliminating any voltage drop or fluctuations that could potentially harm your system. With its durable construction and precise design, this extension cable guarantees optimal performance and compatibility. It features patented connectors that securely attach to the power supply and motherboard, preventing any loose connections. Upgrade your computer with this reliable and essential extension cable.



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  • 1ft length for flexible positioning
  • Extends ATX 24-pin motherboard power supply cable
  • Suitable for multi-device setups


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Commercial, Residential

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