2.5in Case Slot DB25 Low Profile 1U Bracket silver

2.5in Case Slot DB25 Low Profile 1U Bracket - Silver

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The Case Slot DB25 Low Profile 1U Bracket is a compact and efficient solution for integrating DB25 connections into your system. Designed to fit in a 1U rack space, this bracket offers a space-saving alternative without compromising functionality. It features a low-profile design, allowing for easy installation in limited spaces. The bracket is constructed with durable materials to ensure reliable performance and durability. With its patented design, this bracket incorporates unique elements that provide secure and stable connections. Whether you need to connect multiple devices or expand your system's capabilities, the Case Slot DB25 Low Profile 1U Bracket is a practical choice.



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  • Slim and compact design for easy fitting in tight spaces
  • Durable silver finish for a sleek and professional look
  • Convenient DB25 slot for versatile connectivity options


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Commercial, Residential

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