2in HDMI 1X2 Distribution Amplifier with 3D black

2in HDMI 1X2 Distribution Amplifier with 3D - Black

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The HDMI 1X2 Distribution Amplifier with 3D is a reliable and efficient device that enables you to split and distribute a single HDMI signal to two displays simultaneously. With support for 3D content, it ensures an immersive viewing experience. This amplifier boasts excellent signal integrity, delivering high-definition video and audio signals up to 1080p resolution. Its compact design makes it perfect for home theaters, conference rooms, or any setting requiring simultaneous displays. Additionally, this product features patented signal enhancement technology, guaranteeing uninterrupted transmission and preventing signal loss. Upgrade your multimedia setup with this versatile and unique distribution amplifier.



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  • 2in HDMI distribution amplifier
  • Splits HDMI signal to two displays
  • Supports 3D content, suitable for high-definition entertainment.


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Commercial, Residential

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