6 8ft SC SC Fiber Optic 62.5 125UM Duplex Multimode Cable orange

6.67ft SC-SC Fiber Optic 62.5 125UM Duplex Multimode Cable - Orange

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The SC-SC Fiber Optic 62.5 125UM Duplex Multimode Cable is a high-quality, reliable cable designed for efficient data transmission. With SC connectors on both ends, this cable ensures a secure and precise connection. It is specifically built for multimode applications, allowing for the transmission of multiple signals simultaneously. The cable's 62.5-micron core diameter and 125-micron cladding diameter contribute to its excellent performance and low signal loss. Whether for networking, telecommunications, or data centers, this cable meets industry standards and offers reliable connectivity with minimal interference.



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  • Our high-quality OM1 65.2/125 multi-mode fiber cable with SC/SC connectors is perfect for fast Ethernet, fiber channel, gigabit Ethernet, data center, ATM, and other data applications.
  • OFNR (riser) rated fiber cable is ideal for use in upright shafts that run between floors in the building.
  • SC connector has a simple push-pull motion for quick installation and removal.
  • Use with the LED light source.
  • Corning® glass 62.5μm core and 125μm cladding.
  • Test report included in each cable package.
  • UL listed


Product Line


Country Of Origin


Application Sector

Commercial, Residential

Warranty Type


Fiber Connector

SC to SC

Fiber Mode

OM1, Multi-mode, 62.5 / 125 μm

Fiber Count

2 Strands

Polish Type


Insertion Loss

< 0.3 dB

Return Loss

> 50 dB

Jacket OD

2.0 mm

Jacket Material

OFNR (Riser)

Jacket Color



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