6ft Monitor to Computer Power Extension Cable C13 C14 black

6ft Monitor to Computer Power Extension Cable C13 C14 - Black

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The Monitor to Computer Power Extension Cable C13 C14 is a practical solution for extending the power connection between monitors and computers. With its C13 and C14 connectors, it provides a reliable and secure connection, ensuring uninterrupted power supply. The cable's key features include its high-quality build and durable materials, guaranteeing longevity and superior performance. Designed with patented technology and unique elements, this extension cable stands out from traditional counterparts. It is an essential accessory for any setup requiring an extended power connection, offering convenience and peace of mind.

Connector A - IEC-60320-C14

Connector B - IEC-60320-C13



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  • Extend the length of an existing power cord for more flexibility.
  • Connect computer equipment to a PDU or UPS in data center.
  • This heavy duty 18 AWG power cord is fully molded for durability.
  • UL, cUL listed and CSA approved.
  • All relevant materials are complied with RoHS and REACH directive.


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Commercial, Residential

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UL SVT 18 AWG. x 3C

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Black Color


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