6ft Power Cord Binocular IEC320 C7 Cable UL CE black

6ft Power Cord Binocular IEC320 C7 Cable UL CE - Black

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The Power Cord Binocular IEC320 C7 Cable is a reliable and durable option for your electrical needs. It is UL and CE certified, ensuring safety and compliance with international standards. The unique feature of this cord is the binocular design, which allows for easy connection and disconnection. The IEC320 C7 connector is compatible with a wide range of devices, making it a versatile choice. Whether you need to power up your computer, monitor, or other electronic equipment, this power cord will deliver consistent performance. Upgrade to this patented product and enjoy a hassle-free and secure power supply.



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  • Durable 6ft power cord for easy and reliable connectivity in binocular devices.
  • Compliant with UL and CE standards, ensuring safety and quality performance.
  • Sleek black design adds a modern touch to your electronic setup.


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