75ft SVGA Cable Monitor UL2919 HD15 Extension Male to Female black

75ft SVGA Cable Monitor UL2919 HD15 Extension Male to Female - Black

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The SVGA Cable Monitor UL2919 HD15 Extension Male to Female is a high-quality cable designed to extend the length of your SVGA signal transmission. With its UL2919 certification, you can be assured of its superior performance and durability. The male to female connectors allow for easy connection and flexibility. This cable supports high-resolution video and is compatible with a wide range of devices, including monitors, projectors, and HDTVs. Its patented design features ensure optimal signal transmission without any interference or loss. Upgrade your connectivity with this reliable and efficient SVGA cable.

Connector A - HD 15 Male

Connector B - HD 15 Female



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  • Extend the length of an existing SVGA cable for more flexibility.
  • Connect your computer to monitor, projector, HDTV and other displays with HD15 port.
  • Ferrite core provides better protection against EMI/RFI interference to enhance the signal.
  • All relevant materials are complied with RoHS directive.


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Commercial, Residential

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28 AWG. Mini Coaxical x 3 + 4.5 Twisted Pairs

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Black Color


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