8in HP DMS 59 Dual VGA Y Splitter Cable 338285 008 black

8in HP DMS-59 Dual VGA Y-Splitter Cable 338285-008 - Black

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The HP DMS-59 Dual VGA Y-Splitter Cable 338285-008 is a practical solution for users seeking to connect multiple monitors to their computer systems. This cable features a DMS-59 connector on one end, which splits into two VGA connectors on the other end, enabling users to connect two VGA monitors simultaneously. With this cable, users can expand their desktop workspace, facilitating multitasking and increasing productivity. Additionally, the cable's durable construction ensures a reliable and long-lasting connection. Perfect for office environments and professional setups, this HP cable offers a simple and efficient way to enhance your computing experience.



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  • High-quality 8in cable for connecting DMS-59 ports to dual VGA monitors.
  • Convenient Y-Splitter design for hassle-free setup and improved productivity.
  • Sleek black color blends seamlessly with any setup, enhancing aesthetic appeal.


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