4in TRRS 3.5mm Plug Connector Male to TRS 3.5mm Female white

4in TRRS 3.5mm Plug Connector Male to TRS 3.5mm Female - White

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The TRRS 3.5mm Plug Connector is a male-to-female adapter designed to connect devices with different audio jacks. With this connector, you can easily convert a TRRS 3.5mm plug (which includes an extra ring for microphone connections) to a standard TRS 3.5mm female jack. This enables compatibility between various audio devices, such as smartphones, tablets, headphones, and speakers. The sleek and durable design ensures reliable and long-lasting performance. Whether you need to connect your headset to a stereo system or link your microphone with your phone, this adapter offers a convenient solution without compromising audio quality.



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  • Premium audio connectivity
  • Supports seamless audio transmission
  • Durable and sleek design


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Commercial, Residential

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