6ft Samsung TV RS232 EXLINK USB White 3.5mm TRS Cable PL2303GT white

6ft Samsung TV RS232-EXLINK USB White 3.5mm TRS Cable PL2303GT - White

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The Samsung TV RS232-EXLINK USB White 3.5mm TRS Cable with PL2303GT is a high-quality and versatile cable designed for connecting your Samsung TV to various devices. This cable features an RS232-EXLINK USB connector on one end and a 3.5mm TRS connector on the other, allowing for seamless communication between your TV and other compatible devices. Its white color adds a sleek and clean look to your setup. The cable also utilizes the PL2303GT chipset, ensuring reliable and speedy data transfer. With this cable, you can easily integrate your Samsung TV into your home entertainment system or use it for professional purposes.



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