DB9 ABCD Switch 4 Male Ports and 1 Female Port beige

DB9 ABCD Switch 4 Male Ports and 1 Female Port - Beige

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The DB9 ABCD Switch is an essential tool for seamless and efficient data switching. With its 4 male ports and 1 female port, this switch allows you to effortlessly toggle between multiple devices without the hassle of manual plugging and unplugging. Its straightforward design ensures a simple and reliable solution. Its patented technology guarantees optimal performance and its compact size makes it ideal for space-constrained environments. Whether you require quick and accurate data switching for testing purposes or streamlined device connectivity, the DB9 ABCD Switch offers a practical and efficient solution.


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  • This 4-way DB9 data switch allows you to switch between four computers to one DB9 device or one computer to four DB9 devices such as serial printer or other serial perpherials.
  • Fully shielded connector provides better protection against EMI/RFI interference.


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Commercial, Residential

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Input Port

DB9 Female x 1

Output Port

DB9 Male x 4


DB9 Manual Data Switch

Adaptor Color

Beige Color


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