Standoffs MotherBoard Standard Plastic 100 Pack beige

Standoffs MotherBoard Standard Plastic 100 Pack - Beige

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The Standoffs MotherBoard Standard Plastic 100 Pack is a must-have for any DIY computer builder or enthusiast. These standoffs are specifically designed to securely mount your motherboard onto the computer case. Made from high-quality plastic, they provide excellent insulation and prevent any electrical shorts. The pack includes 100 standoffs, ensuring you have more than enough for any project. These standoffs are compatible with standard motherboard sizes, making them versatile for various computer builds. With their patented design, these standoffs offer a unique and reliable mounting solution, ensuring your motherboard stays securely in place.


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  • Durable plastic motherboard standoffs
  • Convenient 100-pack for easy installation
  • Neutral beige color for versatile compatibility


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Commercial, Residential

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