Step Down Transformer 12 Volts DC to 5 Volts DC USB Type A to Mini B black

Step Down Transformer 12 Volts DC to 5 Volts DC USB Type A to Mini B - Black

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The Step Down Transformer efficiently converts 12 Volts DC to 5 Volts DC, allowing you to power devices with a USB Type A to Mini B connection. Its straightforward design ensures reliable and safe operation. This transformer is equipped with unique patented features that ensure optimal efficiency and stability. It also includes various built-in safety mechanisms to protect your devices from overloads and short circuits. With its compact size and practical applications, this transformer is a must-have for converting power in a wide range of electrical setups.


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  • Converts 12V DC to 5V DC for USB Type A to Mini B connections
  • Efficient power management for various devices
  • Sleek black design for stylish and practical use


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Commercial, Residential

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